About Banner YT

Banner YT is a utility to quickly and easily hotlink banners from YouTube channels anywhere.

JSON is provided as a useful debug utility, using our service as an alternative to YouTube APIs is frowned upon.

All images are cached in a storage bucket with a 24 hour retention policy. If you change your banner it will take up to a day to update if already cached.

Note: EasyList blocks ://banner. because they think everything starting with banner. is an ad. Use www. so images don't get blocked.

RouteTypeRate Limit
/@:handleapplication/json1 req @ 10 sec
/(channel|user|c)/:identifierapplication/json1 req @ 10 sec

Discontinued: The needs and use-case around banner.yt at Modest Labs are no longer. Due to this we don't care to put the resources into maintaining it if we're not even using it.

In the coming months, we'll stop hosting banner.yt and it will stop working. I know several websites and some mobile apps are using and relying on it for YouTube banners and avatars. If you're interested in purchasing the code to host yourself or the domain name feel free to join our discord and DM "tim" to discuss.

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